Tommy’s Promises

Tommy's promise

Tommy Promises to You

1. “I will try my very best to teach Jeet Kune Do the way Bruce Lee wanted it to be taught.”

2. “I will never sell Jeet Kune Do certificates online.”

3. “If I ever teach any self defense techniques that deviate or elaborate in any way from what Bruce Lee taught then I will make every effort to clarify the origins of the technique(s) to the student.”

4. “I will never teach martial arts to any person who I suspect would use their martial arts abilities to attack anyone.”

5. “I will never award Jeet Kune Do ranks of any description to any student whom I have not met in person.”

6. “Furthermore, until the day of my death or retirement from martial arts, no student of mine (past or present) will ever be granted the authority to award Jeet Kune Do ranks to any person whom I have not personally met and assessed.”

7. “I will encourage my students to conduct themselves in a manner which is humble and respectful towards other martial artists who come from different training backgrounds.”

8. “I will never utilise a belt grading system as I believe it to be inconsistent with the way Bruce Lee taught Jeet Kune Do.”

9. “I will never give anyone the authority to teach martial arts with my endorsement unless they have spent a significant amount of time training with me in person and are committed to ongoing training and consultation with me, in person.”

10. “I will never teach any martial arts techniques to any of my students unless I am convinced that those techniques would be effective in a real life self defense situation.”

“You have my word!”