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Tommy's Jeet Kune Do Training Glasgow

One-to-One & Group JKD Classes
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Learn the art of Jeet Kune Do from world renowned instructor Tommy Carruthers

Discover the Secrets of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee The Legend
Over 40 years ago Bruce Lee developed the concepts of Jeet Kune Do, yet they continue to be as radical today as they were when he first introduced them to the world. Now, if you live or work in Glasgow, limited places are available to learn the secrets of Bruce Lee - from world renowned instructor Tommy Carruthers.

Tommy's personal training is designed for individuals that want to learn as fast as possible, become instructors in Jeet Kune Do, or to simply improve confidence and skills. Training is taught at your own pace, at various locations in Glasgow.

Jeet Kune Do Training Glasgow

142 Crownpoint Rd,
Tel +447415411329

Classes Monday, Wednesday & Friday starting at 19.00

The first month is free when you join.
One to one training is available for all ages.
Kids must me over 12 and accompanied by adult.
One to one training discount for kids
And discount for adults who block book and who are members of the IFO organisation.


One-to-One Jeet Kune Do Training Glasgow

One of the great benefits of joining Tommy’s one-to-one private training in the art of Jeet Kune Do is that your program will be designed specifically to suit your needs and time constraints. It is the best road to take, with rewards that exceed attending a class: It is just you and Tommy training one-to-one, so you can learn much faster. In fact, students learn approximately 6 times faster in private training.

To secure your place on a journey of cutting-edge self defence, please check availability, or call Tommy on ‭+447415411329‬.

Learn to Defend Yourself in Real Situations

JKD Training
You will be taught all aspects of hand to hand combat you need to defend yourself - with an exceptional amount of proficiency. A typical class is one where you will learn to move and use your hands and feet as weapons in offence and defence - in realistic situations that you may encounter in the REAL world. With Tommy’s training, you will reap the benefits of new skills, reduced stress and optimal confidence.

Group Jeet Kune Do Training Glasgow

If you prefer, you can learn as part of a group. The purpose of Tommy's Jeet Kune Do training is to preserve and promote Bruce Lee's martial art and help define and teach the core lessons. Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do is second to none - hand to hand combat that puts you on another level with regard to your personal protection and safety. Feel liberated and discover your personal expression of Bruce Lee's art with Tommy Carruthers.

Please check availability, or call +447415411329 and Tommy will help guide you.

Achieve Your Personal Goals

  • Discover the secrets of Bruce Lee’s martial art
  • Train with world renowned instructor Tommy Carruthers
  • Learn cutting-edge and original Jeet Kune Do techniques
  • Acquire the very best self defence for real situations
  • Streamlined with efficiency and practicality
  • Burn more calories in one hour than any other workout
  • Enjoy the benefits of reduced stress and optimal confidence

Dates & Times

Schedules are tailored to individual requirements


Various locations in Glasgow


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“When Tommy is on he reminds me of Bruce when I knew him...
He has taken Bruce's ideas and turned them into a functional reality.”
Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee's First Student

“Let me say that Tommy is Bruce Lee #2, hands down... There's a new martial star, and his name is Tommy Carruthers. If you are looking for a standard of excellence, look no further than this dude.”
George Tan, Bruce Lee Historian & Film Producer