Crash System – Military Unarmed Combat




Based on unarmed combat techniques from the Second World War, but simplified for the modern day.

The series is based upon the idea that when an opponent comes toward you there will be a collision, a crash. In this situation if you control your opponents head then you can quickly and effectively bring your opponent under control.

Tommy demonstrates techniques for different scenarios such as when you are on the inside or outside of the opponent’s punch or kick.

This series consists of 16 lessons, each around approximately 5 minutes length, all available in one go. Since the audio quality is not so great in some of the lessons we have reduced the price from previously. We hope the images speak for themselves!

Please note: this series features very powerful techniques. It is your own responsibility to use these techniques responsibly. Tommy Carruthers will not be held responsible for any injury incurred as a result of practising these techniques.

50 days access. Price: £35.00