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At Tommy Carruthers International Martial Arts Organisation, we believe in keeping things simple, direct and realistic.

Our goal is to teach the martial art the way it was intended to be taught - for self defence. We are only interested in practical self defence techniques that work in real life situations. We know that Bruce Lee's martial art should have no shape or form. But we also believe that students need a starting point and we see no better starting point than using techniques from Bruce Lee's modified Wing Chun, boxing and fencing.

Later on, our students are encouraged to strip away the unessentials and really train on the essentials, without any telegraphic motions. We actively avoid using complex techniques that can hinder or slow you down. We see no point in using two moves when you can use just one.

We are convinced that the mechanical principles of Bruce Lee's fighting method are as valid today as they were when Bruce was alive. For example, the shortest distance between two points is still a straight line! Here at Tommy, we are committed to daily decrease. "Walk on" - Bruce Lee

Glasgow Camp 12th of October 2019
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