New website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! It has been a long time in the planning, but now finally we have made it! We hope that this new website will open up possibilities for bringing you new video courses and products, and also give you a clear idea of where you can catch up with Tommy at seminars around the world.

For current and past members of the website, a few comments:

Current members of all video courses have been migrated across, with their progress retained from the old website. You can find the access to the video courses you are subscribed to in your Account page.

Members who have previously completed part or all of the Online JKD or Non Classical Gung Fu courses – we have migrated your accounts across, however due to the huge amount of work that would have been involved, we have not migrated your course progress across. If you rejoin either of these courses, you will find yourself put back to the beginning of the course. But don’t worry, just contact us, we will check our records and put you back to the right part of the course.

Current IFO members have been migrated across with their membership expiration dates. You can now find a list of products which qualify for the IFO 10% discount in your Account page > My Membership > Discounts.

We decided not to move the forum across to the new website, since Tommy is mainly active on Facebook these days.

We have done our best to try to make the move to the new website as smooth as possible, but of course we can make mistakes. If you are a member and something is not as it should be just contact us and we will look into it.