New in the webshop - pocket handbook

Pocket handbookA great way to accompany the online lessons and get the max benefit from them! This is part one of a series of handbooks to help you understand the science of Bruce Lee's streetfighting method.

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Crash System - New Online Video Series

Crash System posterNew! The Crash System - Military Unarmed Combat Video Series

Based on unarmed combat techniques from the Second World War, but simplified for the modern day.

The series is based upon the idea that when an opponent comes toward you there will be a collision, a crash. In this situation if you control your opponents head then you can quickly and effectively bring your opponent under control.

Tommy demonstrates techniques for different scenarios such as when you are on the inside or outside of the opponent's punch or kick.

Join the Crash System Military Unarmed Combat video series today!

New Videos

You can test the compatibility of the Online JKD Club with your mobile device here:

We are using a new video platform which will give a broad coverage of the most common modern browsers, operating systems and mobile devices

New Video Series - Resistance Band

Resistance Band Series3 new series of videos in which Tommy demonstrates the use of the resistance band in a number of exercises designed to improve your strength and speed in combat situations.

These videos are running on our new video platform which should give good coverage of modern browsers, iPhones and other mobile devices. You can test the compatibility of our video platform here.

For more information or to join up see the Resistance Band page

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