Kenpo Style Gloves

You may have seen gloves like this before at the start of a very famous martial arts movie. However, Tommy has made a few modifications to the originals to make these particular gloves even better! For example, with the original gloves, there was a lot of baggy material around the palm when you made a fist. However, Tommy has opted for slightly less material around the palm for a more snug fit. Tommy has also insisted that the factory use the very toughest leather to make sure that the gloves can cope with years of heavy training regeims.

Unlike regular boxing gloves, these fighting gloves allow for not only punching but also grappling and grabbing techniques such as Lap Sao. The Dragon Gloves are also surpringly lightweight which will enable you to train your hands to move at lightning speed. The gloves also feature Tommy's signiture, written in white, on the back of the palm.

We do warn you in advance that the leather is extremely tough and it may take a week or so of use before the gloves adjust to your individual handshape. Don't be surprized if you can't make a fist with them the first time you put them on! But rest assured that once they mould to the shape of your hand then you'll wonder how you ever got by without them!

Weight: 1.75 kg
Price: £35.00
SKU: ID1 Gloves-03