Tommy Carruthers International Martial Arts Organisation

At Tommy Carruthers International Martial Arts Organisation, we believe in keeping things simple, direct and realistic.

Our goal is to teach the martial art the way it was intended to be taught- for self defence. We are only interested in practical self defence techniques that work in real life situations. We know that Bruce Lee's martial art should have no shape or form. But we also believe that students need a starting point and we see no better starting point than using techniques from Bruce Lee's modified Wing Chun, boxing and fencing.

Later on, our students are encouraged to strip away the unessentials and really train the essentials, without any telegraphic motions. We actively avoid using complex techniques that can hinder or slow you down. We see no point in using two moves when you can use just one.

We are convinced that the mechanical principles of Bruce Lee's fighting method are as valid today as they were when Bruce was alive. For example, the shortest distance between two points is STILL a straight line!

Here at Tommy, we are committed to daily decrease.

"Walk on" -Bruce Lee

17th & 18th April 2015 - Jeet Kune Do Seminar, Egypt

Host: Waleed Arafat , Taymour El-Beleidi

Location :- Eight Fitness Club
Address:  56 El Orouba Street,
Heliopolis, Al Qahirah, Egypt
Contact: Waleed Arafat

Online JKD Club - Excessive Bandwidth Usage

Since we moved the First Series of the Online JKD Club to the mobile friendly video hosting, there has been an enormous amount of interest in the videos. This has resulted in us going over the allowed bandwidth of the video hosting account for this month. We are working to reslove this as soon as possible.

We would again like to request that members use the bandwidth responsibly and limit yourselves to a few videos per day, then hopefully we can avoid this problem in the future. Otherwise we may be forced to impose bandwidth restrictions per user, which we'd rather not have to do.

Online Video Club News

GREAT NEWS! We have moved the original FIRST SERIES of the Online JKD Club to our video hosting platform, which means that it is now available for most mobile devices!

If you are currently on the First Series you will now find the videos in the new format, and you can check back to anywhere in the series up until your current video number.

If you are on the Second Series, you can now check back anywhere in the First Series, from the same video page.

We hope you really enjoy seeing the original series now in this form. We would ask however that you use the bandwidth responsibly :-)

We would also like to announce that we are going to be rounding off the current Second Series at lesson 192, bringing the total number of lessons in both series to 300!

Also, we are closing down the CRASH SYSTEM SERIES. Members currently on this series can still finish the series but we won't be taking any new subscriptions. We are however planning to replace this series with a new video series in the near future - WATCH THIS SPACE!

New feature on this website - Ask Tommy a Question

New on this website, if you have a question you want to ask Tommy about JKD training or seminars, then you can ask him directly via our webform.


This is one of my own inventions, this will protect you, when training the fingerjab, simple to attach to the headgear......


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Jeet Kune Do Pocket Handbooks - part 4 and 5

Pocket handbook - part four - front

  Pocket handbook - part five - frontContinuing the series of Jeet Kund Do handbooks, we have now released parts 4 and 5!

Designed and drawn exclusively by Tommy, these books contain drawings of Jeet Kune Do techniques and can be used to accompany Tommy's teachings

Order part 4 here and part 5 here

Jesse Glover Tribute Booklet

Jesse Glover bookNew in the webshop, a tribute to Jesse Glover - one of Bruce Lee's first students and one of Tommy's best ever friends.

The booklet contains drawings of techniques of the 'non classical gung fu' that Jesse taught.

The booklet is designed and drawn exclusively by Tommy Carruthers.

Order your copy here

New in the webshop - Pocket Handbook - Part 3

This is part THREE of a series of handbooks to help you understand the science of Bruce Lee's streetfighting method. A great way to accompany the online lessons and get the maximum benefit from them!

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New in the webshop - Pocket Handbook - Part 2

Pocket Handbook - Part 2This is part TWO of a series of handbooks to help you understand the science of Bruce Lee's streetfighting method. A great way to accompany the online lessons and get the maximum benefit from them!

price £ 10 POST FREE


Combat Sketches