History Channel - 2009

History ChannelThe day the history channel came to Glasgow was a very tiring day for us all. All my guys were there for over 6 hrs just doing stuff in the background, but what you see on the documentary HOW BRUCE LEE CHANGED THE WORLD, is only a very small part of all the action that happened on the day. It took a bit of time just to set things up before we could get into action; once the track was laid and the camera in place then we were off and running.

May 2009 - 5 Day Camp

5 Day CampThe 5 day camp was held in May of 2009. The purpose of the camp was to train folk who would like to run small groups, and eventually teach folk. The camp itself was attended well and was set over five days Monday to Friday, 5 hrs each day. It really didn't matter what level of instruction people had before or who taught them. I started at the beginning and progressively taught from the ground up; meaning the stance, footwork, etc and then punching kicking ect.

3rd Annual Gung Fu BBQ 2009

Gung Fu BBQBy Sean Grant

Image an event where some of the greatest martial artists of the day could attend and not have to put on a seminar, supervise training, or exert any physical energy except to lift an arm for eating. Now imagine that if these martial artists could bring their families & close friends and enjoy themselves, meet new people (even those not in the martial arts community), feed their faces, feel safe and swap stories of yesteryear and today.

FOO Action

Well I was approached by the BBC initially to teach jkd to an actor Eddie shin, a few guys had written a story and had done some comic books a few years ago. The BBC had picked this up and decided to make a pilot of the show to see how it goes, anyway I was introduced to this actor who was a Korean American and had done a few things on the TV in the states, ER as well as few other less well known shows. Eddie was an okay guy to teach, very nice and respectful, he was a very fast learner and picked it up very quick. I was assisted by one of my students to teach him the moves, Susan tang worked with Eddie on moving punching and kicking.

Basic Supplementary Exercises

As you know to improve your game in any sport you have to be willing to put in a bit of extra time doing supplementary training. This is different from your actual training at class and is just as important, there are many things that a martial artist must do to get better results, like improving flexibility, gaining strength, or improving stamina. All these things can be achieved through supplementary work.

Nov 2008 - Training Day at the Basement

A typical training session at the basement consists of pad work followed the application of the pad work into a live situation were anything can happen. Usually in one night we stick to one thing either attack or defend, that way we get plenty of time to help ingrain the stuff in our neural system.

Oct 2008 - Oakland Trip

This trip has been in the planning for years but like everything else I didn't get the chance to make it, but fortunately everything came together and I was in a position to go. The guy I went to visit was Felix Macia, Felix was a lucky guy who got to meet Bruce at James Lees home. Felix’s dad trained at Jimmy Lees home where he also met Bruce, Felix was just a kid away back then, but even still lucky for him that he got to meet Bruce Lee in person.
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