Larsson Kabukoba

Larsson KabukobaMy name is Larsson Kabukoba I currently live in Birmingham, England and I'm 26 years old. I've been training in martial arts since I was 17 years old, I've studied kickboxing, jeet kune do concepts, wing chun and shaolin mma. I first came to Sifu Tommy Carruthers for guidance after graduating from university, at uni I signed up to a two martial art classes but having studied wing chun for just over 2 years I had the principle of simplicity and economy of motion ingrained into me so the shaolin and taekwondo arts really didnt work for me.

Thomas Marx

Thomas MarxSince I took the online lessons, my training has changed a lot, now I focus only on the important things, practicing footwork, punching, kicking, intercepting, and so on. I don’t do any trapping anymore, which I did a lot earlier. The most important is that I now know how it should be done. You can’t find this anywhere, there is no book or video about it! I’m really happy to have that opportunity to learn from Tommy, otherwise I had never figured out what JKD really is!

Ross Brown

Ross Brown

I first started the online lessons in the summer of 2008, quite arrogantly thinking,"well, i might pick up the odd thing,but nothing i dont really already know", WRONG! BIG TIME! I was so impressed that when i saw Sifu Tommy was offering the free seminar,i booked my ticket to scotland as soon as possible. The lessons have both refined but built on, and increased and yet stripped down on what i had previously learnt.


Philip Deckert

Philip DeckertI joined the online forum and began viewing the online lessons about three months after they had become available. Because I had no partner, I trained on my own. In this years september I had the opportunity of attending the Glasgow seminar. In fact this was the greatest training session I have ever had until now.
Describing it would be meaningless – you have to experience it.

Paul Brooks

Paul BrooksThe online lessons are a god send to me, they are packed to the brim with detail and explain everything that you need to get you on the right track. Sifu Tommy clears up all misconceptions and explains with science the correct and incorrect ways to apply the techniques and how and why Bruce changed the way he trained gung fu in his life time. If you are really interested in the truth behind Jeet kune do then the online lessons are a must!

Olivier Laroche

Olivier LarocheMy training is (as often as I can , but I don't forget to give rest to my body) : footwork (right , left , backward , forward) , punching bag (I practice the Lead Punch , the hook , the straight kick and the side kick).

Fabian Myerscough

I train 2hrs a day 5 times a week. The bulk of my training covers all the material that I have learnt from the online school as well as seminars at Sifu Carruthers’ Basement school in Glasgow and in England. I train what I have been taught by myself, with a partner using focus pads and against partners wearing protective gear.

Chris Gray

I moved from England 10 yrs ago , I live just outside Ottawa , Canada , and had met Sifu Tommy at a couple of seminars before I left . I met him again in Toronto a couple of years ago. Once the On-Line lessons started, I jumped at the chance to take them and it has completely changed the way I train now.

Joe Fitzmaurice

I think the hardest part of training is trying to find a partner as dedicated or as interested in JKD as me, at the moment I have no partner but I’m continuing to look around dojo’s and gyms for any serious trainer.