October 2009 - Charity Seminar

Charity SeminarThis seminar was a Charity Seminar held at my school last year, the deal was whatever money we took in I was going to double it with my contribution. The total was over 1,000 odd pounds, we took in some 500 pounds and I added 500 of my own money. The money was given to Erskine hospital for ex servicemen who have fought for this country in different wars from WWI to Afghanistan.

I chose to teach the side kick for this Seminar, the 5 hrs that we spent training the side kick we did in different ways with different drills from using the kick-shield to focus pads to using the thousand way dummy which is a copy of the one James Lee built for Bruce in the early 60s. All seminars that I teach at my school are the same, none are easy and none are slow, we work at a very fast pace and I drive my students hard to bring the best out in them physically and mentally. It's really fascinating how far you can push folk when you get them in the right mind set.

Charity SeminarSo let me try and recall all the stuff we did, ok if am right we started doing all the related footwork that we need to add the kick to, then we did the sidekick from static to moving in, to moving back then reversing this, also moving right and left. After that level was completed we went on to doing it 360 degrees from no structure to structure, from static to using your feet to engage or disengage. This was done on focus gloves but prior to that we covered all footwork on the shield pad and dummy then added it to the 360 element. I usually call out numbers where everybody has a number, when their number's called they step in with the focus mitt and the student responds as fast as he can to simulate an attacker coming into your distance and you stop his forward momentum with a kick to the knee groin or mid section. Next we moved to attacking from 360, the difference was the attackers wore shin guards and chest protectors, again I was calling numbers out, after that the progression was attackers trying to punch you 360, then kick you 360, then grab you and then we put it all together where the attacker could attack you any way he felt fit at the time. So it progressed from knowing your attack line to not knowing anything, this is sometimes a very steep curve to take your students through but they must apply themselves to the challenge and do their best.

Charity SeminarWe had three groups working around 360 with one guy in the middle of each group who was being attacked by single or multiple opponents. Then we had three drivers, that's one in each group who would push their team as fast as possible and encourage getting them to put everything into their max effort. After this we moved onto a different drill or set of drills, if I'm right this time you faced a partner. The object of this drill or exercise was that one side had to attack the other side with the sidekick using your feet naturally, but using your footwork to break the rhythm and trap your opponent into the wrong distance. I can honestly say a few folk got kicked clean off their feet, because this was very much a contact drill and I did tell them not to hold back. The second part to this drill was using a counter, you know I see many folk countering the side kick in Jkd but most of it is utter bullshit because it doesn't work, or let me start again it doesn't work against a fast aggressive attack. All the counters you see folk doing are against a slow kick where they can obstruct it or move to the side, but if the attacker attacks with a sidekick fast and aggressive then you learn how to make it work for real and allot of the above doesn't work. If you cannot pull it off when you know exactly what your partner is doing then how in God's name could you make it work if you didn't know his intended line of attack. Once you eliminate the crap you find what does work and generally it's a fast rapid retreat, then like holding an elastic band and letting it go it contracts back to its original position, so he expands you contract then when he is contracting you expand, what you hit him back with is purely based on how far you have moved away from the attack, a bit further then it's usually a kick, what kick well that's down to a few things where is the closest target? if you don't move away too far then it's a punch. On the side kick itself your goal is not to use your hands to stop the kick in terms of parrying it, usually in this situation you get caught off guard because its sudden and stopping it reaching your body with a parry is usually done, on another note an aggressive attack won't be stopped by a one handed parry because of the force of the attack, the rest I will leave you to figure out.

Well I could go on and on but this is a good place to stop, thanks to all who came and trained there ass off and I can say without a doubt it was a very tough seminar to everybody who made the effort and came from near and afar, well done. I hope you enjoy the photos but it's nothing like seeing or experiencing it for real, see you guys in May for the very next fast and furious training session.


Charity Seminar

Charity Seminar