Non Classical Gung Fu Video Series

Jesse Glover"Non Classical Gung Fu is modified from Jun Fan Gung Fu, taught to Jess Glover from Bruce Lee. It is a simpler and easier way for the normal person on the street to have a workable method of protection. It has a few techniques and is purely based on a strong offence with forward pressure. These lessons are a tribute to my best friend and teacher Mr Jesse R. Glover"

 - Tommy Carruthers

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This series consists of 77 training videos of approximately 5 minutes duration in which the techniques are demonstrated. The subscription is monthly with a recurring fee after the first month. As a member, every 3.5 days you will gain access to the next video in the series.

Non Classical Gung Fu lesson

To check for compatibility with your operating system / browser / mobile device you can view the demo here (taken from the former Crash System series):

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