Basic Supplementary Exercises

As you know to improve your game in any sport you have to be willing to put in a bit of extra time doing supplementary training. This is different from your actual training at class and is just as important, there are many things that a martial artist must do to get better results, like improving flexibility, gaining strength, or improving stamina. All these things can be achieved through supplementary work.
There are many things we do at the school to gain an advantage, for example we can use cable to work all the muscles in general and muscle groups in a punch or kick. We can work the muscle groups going out and in, because if you work the punch going out you certainly have to balance it by bringing it back in. We can do this with resistance bands as you can see in one or two photos, these resistance bands are made from industrial rubber there not like any you can buy on the market, anyway you can push it out or pull it in to get greater benefit from the exercise. The use of dumbbells, we don’t have any photos but lying on your back push it up as fast as possible then reversing the thing by bending over and pulling it up as fast as you possibly can is another option, then moving onto the medicine ball we like to use this as you can see there’s a photo of my training partner doing this, we try and stand close to the crash matt so that it takes allot of effort to gain acceleration. We do this static plus we also use footwork to do it and remember guys HAND BEFORE FOOT. I would certainly say this is my favourite training drill. This is how we do it, well sometimes I have Allan one guy who has been with me for more years that I can think of and who is from the old school hard as nails, and young Lee my training partner for some time now. I call him young Lee because his name’s Lee, young because naturally compared to me he’s young, wish I was his age again, but aside from that he is a very good martial artist and very strong and skilful for such a young guy. Getting back to the drill, we set the clock for ten minutes, each person throws the ball in turn, we keep it going fast, throw then get back to the end of the line. This is easily one of the best drills for explosive speed you can do, we do the same thing kicking but that’s a little secret that we can keep to ourselves ha ha.
From the photos you can see me holding a bit of rubber that's about half inch in diameter and roughly 7 inches long, this was given to me by Leo Fong, he showed me about 6 or 7 exercises with it. You have no idea what you can do with this, it’s pretty amazing but I may share that with you all later in another article or video, for example punches right and left, hook, uppercut, shovel, backfist, its great and your only limited by your thought of what’s possible that you can do, from isometric to isokinetic! My god big words here, just fancy words for moving and static.
You can see some photos here with a board, they are there just to give you an idea what you can do to condition your hand for punching. The cardboard is placed over the board just at the start to save your knuckles until they get a bit harder, then you can rip it off and just hit the wood, again we could do one article on just this but I have gave you the idea so if you want to do it just get to it.
As you can see Lee in the harness, this is the gravity harness and this has an amazing scope of things you can do on this, isometrics, footwork, shadow boxing, for the trapping gang out there trapping but its just down to playing about with this and using your imagination, Sifu Ted Wong taught me these years ago. I think we don’t have many photos left, this is the gripper its not your usual gripper as this thing can take over 100kilos. It doesn't look big from the photo but its pretty big anyway. You can use it single handed double handed, reverse grip, there are tons of thing we could have shown here maybe if time permits we can include more photos of different methods or equipment to use.
These are only a few to give you an idea and get you going, but your only constricted by your imagination and what you can do to make what you do better. Just remember to try and duplicate everything you do in your martial art with supplementary training, try and do the same movements with weights, cables, resistance bands, dumbbells, rope and anything. Well I hope this gives you a start because what we all need is, just the start.

Tommy, good luck.