May 2009 - 5 Day Camp

5 Day CampThe 5 day camp was held in May of 2009. The purpose of the camp was to train folk who would like to run small groups, and eventually teach folk.

The camp itself was attended well and was set over five days Monday to Friday, 5 hrs each day. It really didn't matter what level of instruction people had before or who taught them. I started at the beginning and progressively taught from the ground up; meaning the stance, footwork, etc and then punching kicking ect. In the five days we worked through all the basics that are required and how to apply them attacking or defending. Everything including attacking front and back or being attacked from the front, back or side.

Training 360 defence with right and left tools, moving from the stance, moving from the natural posture etc.  How to attack and if an obstruction appears how to deal with this. Also with 360 defence, we worked pads, paper, shields, and we used our palm to do drills that required a bit more finesse. The idea here was to start off slow and by the end of the week move faster and work more with protective gear; applying everything we had done at the start of the week.

5 Day CampWorking everything into realistic situations and how to apply your tools. The folk who attended included Thomas, Fabian, Ross, Paul, Olivier, Martin, Pat, Shauket, Juan, Joe.  They worked very hard.  None of this camp was easy but that's the goal. Testing the guys, I decided that if I tested them then it would be a bit unfair, so what I did was to let them do a presentation and all others gave them a mark out of 10 which I would collect then add up. If they got 70% then that was a pass; any lower was a fail.

I can tell you that there certainly was a few who did a lot better in there presentation than others, but this isn't that easy to do in front of folk if your not used to this type of thing. So, if they pass there NOT INSTRUCTORS they're only senior students. INSTRUCTORSHIP is only earned once you prove yourself and how well you can teach folk and pass this information on.

5 Day CampTime scale: there is none.  I certainly do not give certificates away, not like other teachers where you can buy a JKD instructors cert for £1000. TO START WITH YOU CANNOT BUY ME NOR WOULD I PUT MYSELF IN THAT CLASS OF FOLK WHO WOULD SELL THERE NAME. I certainly do not need £1000 that much. I would not sell my name for it; my name means more to me than that kind of money. Anyway, I don't need to go any further than that. You know the people I am referring to here, let's just stay away from that kind of cheapness, JKD doesn't need that.

Getting back to the important things: I can honestly say well done to the folk who attended. Most now have there small group going and they must keep me informed on there progress once a month, so I know how they're doing; which most are. Others I have to remind, but next year I wont have too.
5 Day CampAlso, to keep current after you get permission to run a group under me, you have to come to the school or attend two seminars that I teach twice a year. You cannot come do the 5 days then do as you please, no way. I want to see you twice a year to see your progress and how you're developing. Let's leave it at that.

So, in closing: We must do our job well to promote and teach Bruce's art to the best of our abilities and educate folk to what authentic JKD really is.

Well done guys.


5 Day Camp

5 Day Camp